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How mental slavery may never end.



How mental slavery may never end. 49



Black slavery never ended, it just took root in the minds of black Americans. Roots that would continue to cause black people to stay divided, make excuses, sabotage themselves, abort their unborn children, allow the oppressor to define them, blame everybody else, always struggle, need help from the government, cheat, divorce, hurt each other (black on black crime), distrust each other, betray each other and lose a sense of what family was always supposed to be about. All the results of lacking identity. Because you see, when you don’t know who you really are, you act like whomever or whatever you are told that you are – black. Look that word up in the dictionary – Websters, Merriam Websters or Oxford, the very dictionaries that defined America through elementary schools for as long as I can remember.

Over a decade ago I wrote a dissertation entitled The Deliberate Dumbing Down of Black America. Subsequently, decades later, I wrote an article entitled Black People: Bred To Be Ignorant. Both were timely and accurate. Both faced heavy criticism from those I spoke of, in part proving my point. A quick read of either essay would show the connection even today between slave-minded black people and the manifestations of their thinking. So I say this, good medicine often tastes bad, in fact the best medicine tastes awful. But it is necessary for the black community to deprogram itself and snap out of the mental slavery chains that bind. The chains and shackles in the mind. Black slavery in America, you see, never ended. And ironically, now far too many black people make excuses for modern-day slavery of today because they do not recognize slavery based on how it looks TODAY.

Blacks - Mentally Enslaved in 2023.

To quote myself from yesteryear, the plantation has changed into the prison system and the auction block has become the courts. Many of you are likely to disagree with the premise and content of this article because you are asleep and/or in denial about the state of the black community. You think because we have a half black VP and we had a half black President (both with overseers close by), that we have arrived at the top of the mountain. You think because you can drive what you want, work a 6-figure job and live in a nice home that we have made it into the promised land. Well maybe, just maybe, you are deceived because you never understood what the promised land was in the first place. And that both the journey and the victory was as a people, not just about self.

Black” people have therefore not arrived until black people have arrived as a people. As long as so many black people depend on the government for healthcare, food (EBT), housing and what they feed their infants (WIC), the black community has no independence and is under someone else’s control. Now some of you may say the government is “of the people, by the people and for the people”. To you I ask, when was that and what people?

As long as black people do not own the hospitals they visit, the gas stations where they fill up, the grocery stores where they shop, the sports teams they support, the name brands they buy or the banks that hold, use and invest their money, the promised land is still very far off. And I don’t make that statement to promote materialism. I make it to promote identity, stature, independence and self-determination. Why do I keep saying “they”? Because I am African-American, not black.

We can see black slavery manifested in the puppet master’s rule who own and control the government, the most powerful corporations in America, the banking industry, the stock market, the food supply, the medical industry, the music industry, the communications industry, the movie industry (shaping images and perceptions), the land, the water and the skies above you. None of which are controlled by “black” people.

Black people get one month out of 12 to celebrate accomplishments which largely if not completely ignore African identity before slavery in America. How kind of Massa to give good ole black folk an extra turkey neck as long as you know how to behave, let him think for you and determine the destiny of your people.

If you call yourself “black”, you identify more with slavery and what the oppressor labeled you than you do with your ancestral identity before America. Therefore what tends to happen? You manifest the behavior that matches the false identity you have accepted. That is basic social psychology and anybody who knows the field, knows what I just say is true – whether you are willing to admit it or afraid to. Look at your hands then look at a pair of black shoes, a black purse, black tires or a black leather belt. You were never black. Black by definition is also not a culture and in most scientific circles, not even a color. You have been scammed, tricked, bamboozled and MISLABELED. It’s not semantics, its fact. A fact that came with a controlling plan to shape the thinking, self-expectations, division and actions of “black” people. Black slaves in America today are the brainchild of Willie Lynch and everybody like him. And why do you think Donald “racist supporter” Trump became president? Because he represents the real America and what it thinks of you. So thank you Donald Trump for exposing the real America without the white sheet on. Sadly, even so, most blacks love the plantation because they know nothing else and don’t want to. Never free, always a slave.


Question. How many of you still walk around with no awareness that you are fulfilling the Willie Lynch ideology? Do you even know what the plan was – and is? Another question. How many of you still walk around calling black sellouts “Uncle Toms”? Did you even read the book Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe to find out that Uncle Tom (Josiah Henson) was a hero to the “black” community, not a traitor? If you didn’t then you also had no idea that calling black people “Uncle Tom” as a negative was an oppressor’s trick of reverse psychology.

The strength of racism is a slave mindset. Black people lacking real identity and connection to the power, majesty, unity, nobility and awesome might of ancestors past. Ancestors from Africa who were kings and queens and pharaohs, warriors and merchants, conquerors and loyal to their families and their people. That is what America has stripped away when it calls you a “black” man.  And what did America replace all that awesomeness with? Go back to the dictionaries I mentioned earlier and READ the definition of “black” for yourself. The real identity of your people has been replaced in these United States with a slave identity that includes hustle, game, hood, thugs, hoes, ignorance, division, selfishness, materialism, lack of responsibility, lack of accountability, murdering unborn children (and justifying self-genocide), pettiness, self-sabotage and immorality. So before you make excuses for what you are not, try looking at what you are, who you should be, who your ancestors were and who you are supposed to be.

I am not a “black” man in America. No, I’m not. I am an African-American who knows his potential, his ancestry and his purpose. What about you? Have you even traced your genealogy beyond your “grandmama”? Did you stop at slavery or did you go back farther when your people were not slaves? Do you know? Do you even care? And if you don’t, why don’t you? The cells of your genes store the data to who you really are, the potential you have the and purpose you can fulfill. Bloodlines tell quite a story of greatness. Why do you think every president of the United States knows his bloodline? Why do you think the European aristocrats and “blue bloods” trace their bloodlines?

So it’s time out for ignorance. Time out for black man emasculation and wearing dresses Tyler Perry, Martin Lawrence, Chris Tucker, Chris Rock, Terry Kruse, Eddie Murphy, Arsenio, Wesley Snipes and others. Time out for our young people idolizing people who can bounce or throw a ball but who are never allowed to own the team. Time out for believing the deception that “bands” of money and nice cars define you. Its time out for looking up to womanizer TV dads whose lives are nothing like the Huxtable he portrays. Its time out for looking up to TV talk show hosts who have no sense of marriage, God, family or identity – just a lot of money and empty words. Its time out for glorifying fake pastors who promote themselves and fleece the flock instead of feeding the sheep and prophets who are more of “profits” at your expense than anything else. Its time out for lusting over blowup doll strippers who can rap and dance and sing. Its time out for supporting male rappers who call our women bitches and hoes. Talent? Yes. Identity? No.

So many black people walk around calling themselves gods, kings, queens and bosses. But what about ruling over some integrity, some honor, some respect, some good examples, some commitment to family/your children/your people, some good health instead of mind-clouding weed, some peace, some unity, some benevolence,  some lifting your people up instead of just yourself? I don’t see many of these so-called “gods/kings/queens/bosses” ruling over much of that. And that is why they are simply slaves in disguise trying to get you to think they are more than they are. Oh, and as far as gold, here is a thought. The streets of Heaven are reportedly paved with gold. But in comparison to what really masters, do you see where Heaven puts the gold? Under their feet to walk on. So maybe quite a few black people need to re-evaluate what they have, what actually has them and what really matters.

Real identity can never be defined by money, yet it will attract the right kind of money and everything else you need. I say you are priceless, IF you know who you really are. But if you don’t, you are a mentally broke and broken slave, no matter how many material things you have. The trap has been for black people to set your mind on what puppet masters tell you to, not on what really matters. And in the process, keep valuing what they control while you sadly lose your soul. A secret that the racist oppressors who stole this land must try to forever keep from you. I could go deeper into big-headed scientists, Olmecs and then some – but I won’t, this time. I could tell you how people of color once ruled what is now called Egypt. Why they shot the nose off the sphinx. Who many of the leaders are in the hieroglyphs of the pyramids. That King Tutankhamun’s father and mother both looked more like you than they did the Caucasian. I could tell you about family and culture, loyalty and power and real spirituality, all rooted in the identity of your ancestors BEFORE AMERICA even existed. But I am not going to do all your homework for you. Still, all of this has been stolen, hidden, erased or programmed out of you – or so they think.

Wake up. Think. Stand up. Rise up. Find out who you are. No, who you really are. And live that life. Time is short, denial is rampant and your people are behind almost every ethnic group in America yet again. Be a part of the solution, not part of the problem. Stop blaming everybody else and making excuses. Instead develop a plan, work your plan and create your victories. What are you going to do about all that? Slavery is comfortable but slavery in any form is never freedom to be what you were called to be. Don’t be a slave. Ikpote!