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Human skull and a cat’s head exhumed at the alter of a Church in Kasoa.



Human skull and a cat’s head exhumed at the alter of a Church in Kasoa. 49



A human skull and cat head have been exhumed at the altar of the Christ Charismatic Convention at Kasoa in the Central Region.

The General Overseer of the Church, Pastor Billy Sunday, told the host of Connect FM’s Omanbapa morning show, Nhyiraba Paa Kwesi Simpson, in an interview that he rented the church premises from a landlord after it had been used by another church.

“A few months ago, I arrived at Kasoa and rented the property from a landlord who told me the place was initially being occupied by another pastor. Ever since I rented the place, all my church members vanished at once and I could not understand what the situation was, so I started praying about it,” he narrated.

According to Pastor Dr. Billy Sunday, he had a vision that led him to dig the church altar.
The old pastor had already constructed a concrete pulpit so we decided to dismantle it. As we were digging, we saw the skull of a child and the head of a cat. We prayed and exhumed the skull.”
The pastor indicated that what they saw shocked the entire leadership of the church.
Pastor Sunday is attributing the burial of the skull at the altar to the dwindling membership of his church.

According to him, he, together with his leaders, later prayed over the exhumed skulls and burnt them.
These are spiritual matters, the skull and cat head were evil, more so, there was life in them so we could not wait but to burn them. But I have informed the police about the issue and investigations have begun,” he added.
Pastor Billy Sunday adds that he is currently assisting the police to apprehend the pastor whom he suspects to have engaged in the act.
He advised occultic people who are professing to be men of God to desist from hiding behind the Bible.

There are so many pastors in Ghana who are into occultism and it is not helping the work of God. We must come together as a country and expose all of them,” he concluded.