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I Was Initiated Into Homos3xuality By An NPP Guru.



I Was Initiated Into Homos3xuality By An NPP Guru. 1

A video circulating on social media captures a 23-year old boy narrating his story and encounter with a state minister who is into gayism (“trumutrumu”), back in 2006 when he was on his way to buy food at a food joint at the age of 14.

The popular vision one radio program, Ghana Be Ye Yie hosted by Rev.Nana Yaw Sarfo, saw the young guy explaining how a state minister with the name withheld, lured him into the man to man “trumutrumu” sex.

The victim exposed that, the person is still in government and holds a ministerial position but wasn’t allowed to mention the name. He said the minister lured him with money which he accidentally fell to.

Rev Nana Yaw Sarfo questioned if his parents were aware of these happenings but the young boy said no, he kept if from them due to fear of being punished.

Also, he revealed that many of the young guys in the national security with “gallas haircut” and ear piercing are all into “trumutrumu” and he is ready to point at the at any given time.

He also recounted the number of guys he linked and lured them to meet this minister and those that have gone mad.

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