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I wrote my final SSCE exam at the police station – Captain Smart reveals (Video).



I wrote my final SSCE exam at the police station - Captain Smart reveals (Video). 49



Godsbrain Blessed Smart a.k.a Captain Smart has revealed that he was not able to sit comfortably at his school’s examination hall to write his final Senior Secondary School exams (now WASSCE) at the Apam Secondary School because of his love for the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Narrating the circumstances that led to him using the Apam Police Station as his exam hall, Smart said during his secondary school days, he was sneaking out of campus to NPP campaign grounds. He claims that as a student, he once campaigned in Cape Coast for former President Kufuor.

He added that based on a story his grandmother told him at a young age, he was determined to make it possible for former President Kufuor to win the elections in 2000.

“Prior to the 2000 elections, the political parties were coming onto our campus to campaign; so, I was called to the headmistress’s office [Mrs Esther Hamilton]. The assistant headmaster in charge of administration and the bursar were all there and they said they had been hearing I go out of campus as a school prefect and join some NPP people to go and campaign within the Apam town. [They asked]: ‘You small boy, what do you know about politics?’ What have you seen about Kufuor?’ So I called one of the authorities of the school and told him in private what my grandmother had told me about President Kufuor. [The teachers] told me that they would not allow any political party [onto the] campus to campaign, ‘so, as the school prefect, make sure nobody comes onto the campus to campaign,’” Captain Smart disclosed to KSM on The KSM Show.

He said he witnessed how NPP was sacked from the Apam campus when the party had gone there to campaign to the students but he was told that the NDC would be coming to campaign and the authorities had allowed them to arrange their PA system.

Upon seeing that, Captain Smart said, “I disrupted the entire process; the campaign didn’t come on, but I was ambushed and was heavily beaten by the crowd. The administration reprimanded me for preventing the NDC from campaigning, [and] decided that I go to the Apam Police Station to write my final exam at the police station. I [sat only] the practical part of my exams including Physics and Chemistry Paper One and Two at the Apam Secondary School. All the rest, I was at the Apam Police Station.

“Nobody is a better NPP [person] than anybody here in Ghana. People should stop disturbing our ears. Because of this party, I wrote my final exam at the police station; what are people talking about…” Captain Smart stated further.

To him, all those criticizing him for not being an NPP member were not yet born when NPP was inculcated into his brain.

“You need to sieve and seize before you can move forward. As Captain Smart, I want the NPP to be a better political party. So, if I hear anything that will not help the party, I will talk about it. I’ll talk today, I’ll talk tomorrow, I’ll talk till the last day…,” he stressed.