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Interesting facts you may not know in soccer.



Interesting facts you may not know in soccer. 49



(1)Trent Alexander Arnold’s grandmother was Sir Alex Ferguson’s first girlfriend. (No words)

(2) Zidane first wanted to join Algeria instead of France, but the coach said that there were a lot of players like him in the squad. (Imagine 😿)

(3) Chile once won a Football match with 100% possession. (Guess the opponent?)

(4) Chelsea and Dortmund have never played each other in an official competitive match. (Someone said Dortmund is afraid)😂

(5) Édouard Mendy won FIFA Best Goal Keeper but wasn’t on the FIFA Best XI team. (Where is the fair play?)

(6) Mourinho went 9 years without losing a single home game. (The Special one?)

(7) Ronald Koeman has more goals than Kroos, Modric, and Casemiro combined (the greatest midfield trio?)

(8) An English manager has never won the Premier League (Graham Potter)🚶

(9) Sir Alex Ferguson still earns money from Man United even more than some players