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I’ve faced a lot of spiritual attacks in Ghana – Wendy Shay



Wendy Shay

Wendy Shay, a Ghanaian singer, has disclosed that she faced demonic attacks when she first arrived in Ghana.

Wendy spoke about the hurdles she faced and the profound effect of music on “The Day Show” with Bella Mundi.

Wendy had minimal exposure to spirituality as a child growing up in Germany.

However, after moving to Ghana, she endured a number of spiritual attacks, which she agreed were prevalent in many areas. Wendy also recognised that music had a spiritual component.

“Growing up in Germany, you don’t really see spirituality like that but when I came to Ghana, obviously, I faced a lot of spiritual battles,” she disclosed.

Wendy, who was curious about the causes for her fame and great connection with her audience, agreed that there must be something other than herself that draws people to her performances.

She feels that her music conveys a spiritual power that resonates with listeners, which contributes to her artistic achievement.

She further added that “It’s normal everywhere. Music itself is a spirit. What is so special about me that people will like to come and watch me perform. There should be something that is beyond me that is actually making that happen.”

Wendy talked about how these experiences shaped her personal and creative development. Despite the fact that she had always known she wanted to pursue music, the hurdles she experienced enabled her to uncover her actual purpose and live a more purpose-driven life. She now tackles her profession mindfully and lives meaningfully, embracing her identity as a purpose-driven artist.



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