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J.J Rawlings gives full details on why he stayed in power for 19 years



J.J Rawlings gives full details on why he stayed in power for 19 years 1

Former president Jerry John Rawlings has opened up on what made him stay in power and rule Ghana for Nineteen (19) years making him the only President in the history to the country to serve for long.

The Chief and Queens of Ave Traditional Area in the Volta Region that paid a courtesy call on him at his residence where he disclosed the reason for his long term in office.

According to the former President, his integrity and abhorrence for thievery and lying were the main reason why he decided to hang on power for a long period of time.

He explained that he never came into power to steal or to amess wealth for himself and his family.

“I did not come to public office to steal and never did. We had to go through a lot of sacrifices to get to today as a country, and there’s no way I was going to compromise on my integrity.”

“We won all our elections and survived some of the most trying times of our nation’s history for as long as we did, bringing hope and relief to our people because of those solid values and principles.”

“What has sustained some of us is our attachment to the principles of truth, justice, and fair play – it is not a vulgar quest for materialism, a trait which has sadly perpetuated itself into the leadership structures of our society,” he concluded.

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