In 2007, the whole world met Kim Kardashian thanks to a
s**x tape that came to light in which she had s**x with her then-boyfriend,
rapper Ray J. Since then, the Kardashian surname has become popular outside
of the American borders becoming the brand they are today.




Before this video was in the public domain, Kim was known as
the daughter of Robert Kardahian, OJ Simpson’s lawyer during the trial in
which the former player was accused of two homicides in 1995, and as “the
friend of the famous”, like Paris Hilton. But after her debut in porn, the
star and her family became true “socialites”.




The video is owned by the adult material company Vivid Entertaiment,
which in February revealed unpublished images of the material, and which its
director Steven Hirsh referred to in magazine as the most “successful of his
company” with more than 150 million visits. Six years ago, the porn site
offered Vivid five million dollars, an amount that differs from the 30
million they asked for the rights.



In the material published in February by the portal Kim is seen
with Ray J smiling. “Someone has to shoot it, we don’t have a director!” Ray
J says into the camera, as Kim leans over him. In another fragment of the
material, Kim is seen on a bed.



The strongest scenes in the video are already known to people
who have seen the material.