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Knocking children can affect their brain – Neurosurgeon.



Knocking children can affect their brain – Neurosurgeon. 49



Knocking children in the head regularly can affect their brain and ability to function intellectually, Dr Hadi MohammAbdallah, a Neurosurgeon at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital has revealed.

According to him, repeated concussions on a young child’s head can cause damage which can lead to lower intelligence.

Speaking on Starr Chat with Nana Aba Anamoah, the Neurosurgeon said: “Continuous knocking of the head of young people can affect their IQ and can result in brain injury. your brain is protected from colliding with your skull by the meninges, if you bash it into something hard enough, that protection won’t be enough”.

He further noted: “Even if you don’t break your skull, the impact may cause tissues to rupture and the brain to swell with fluid. This can lead to permanent brain damage, which will mean your brain won’t function as well and your intelligence will be affected. Parents should be very careful“.

He also added that being on the phone for longer hours may affect your health.

“I will advise that, don’t put the phone on the ear rather use a headset or earpiece for longer calls. The phone produces some radiations when it gets heated and that will affect your health.”