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Kojo Jones’ proposal to his wife pops up ahead of white wedding – (Video).



Kojo Jones’ proposal to his wife pops up ahead of white wedding – (Video). 56



A video of the sensational proposal of Ghanaian rich man Kojo Jones to his beautiful wife has popped up on their white wedding day.

The video shows the moment the business mogul went down on his knees to ask his sweetheart to be his forever.

The grand moment looks sensational in a video that has popped up online.

Kojo and his soon-to-be bride are at a beautifully organised and well-designed location.

The scene is designed in red, the colour of love.

Flowers are scattered all over with literal fireworks going off all over the place.

It’s a romantic scene of epic proportions and beautifully set the mood for what was coming.

Kojo Jones, dressed in black, goes on his knees and asks his beautiful fiancee to marry him.

She said yes and more fireworks go off.

Watch the video below…

Wealthy businessman Kojo Jones’ and wife’s engagement ceremony took over Ghana earlier this week.

Their white wedding is also slated for today, Sunday, March 27th 2022.

The riches on display at the engagement was magnificent but little did we know even the proposal that came before was on another level!

This is riches upon riches!

We can only hope in the next life, our stars will align in the right direction to sniff such riches.