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Lady armed robber caught in broad light at Kejetia market, Kumasi.



Lady armed robber caught in broad light at Kejetia market, Kumasi. 60



The Ghana Police Service, Kejetia Division, has done another great job later this morning by capturing a lady armed robber who came as a spy and also tried to steal in a supermarket at the Kejetia market this evening. Investigations show that she mainly came as spy to check and survey the shop for their robbery plan later this week.

At around 11am today, Sunday April 18, 2021, the lady went into the supermarket which is named Continental Supermarket as a customer to purchase some few supplies. She entered the through the main entrance and started looking for ways and means to escape after her operation. She picked a few expensive items and set to leave.

Since she cannot depart through the exit, she tried to come out of the supermarket through the entrance again but was stopped by one of the shop attendants. When she was told to go back and use the exit, she drew a knife and threatened to kill the shop attendant if he makes any noise.

However, one other person saw her and quickly called the police emergency number and informed them about what was happening. So even though the lady was allowed gently to go by the shop attendant she threatened to stab with the knife, she was immediately captured by police just around the entrance of the supermarket.

After a forced interrogations with the lady, she revealed that she was there as spy to survey how they would execute their anticipated plan. That means that the supermarket was their next target. Thanks be to God the police arrived on time just as when she was leaving the place.

These incidents are rising at Kejetia and other congested areas at Kumasi in the Ashanti Region. These robbers put innocent lives in a state of insecurity. Their operations are rampant than ever before. However, the police have also been stricter in dealing with them than ever before.

They are being captured one after another by the day. Gradually, they shall be wiped clean from among innocent people. However, the issue of this broad daylight robbery is disturbing. This depicts the level of freedom with which they operate nowadays.