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Little Gestures Women Find Extremely Romantic.



Little Gestures Women Find Extremely Romantic. 46



If there’s one thing I know about women, it’s that we all love romance. You don’t have to run through the airport to profess your love or hold a boom box outside her window. When in a healthy state of mind and with the right intentions, all women want to know if you care for them. Take all that pressure off yourselves; romance is a lot easier than you think. Little gestures will go a long way.


Holding her hand in public.

Hand holding is a sweet way to show that you don’t care who knows you’re both together or rather, that you want to be close to each other. Hand holding can be that perfect in-between for a partner who isn’t bothered by showing love in public and one who is. If one of your love languages is physical touch, hand-holding fulfills that need for skin-to-skin contact.

Remembering her friend’s birthdays.

No, I don’t mean it is creepy, nor is it specifically referring to her friend’s birthday. Think of this more as a general concept of remembering dates that are important to her, but not necessarily you.

Remembering the details of important events will surprise your lover. I’m sure she doesn’t want you to know her mother’s birthday or the anniversary of her business. Therefore, when you propose it a week ago, you will get some important romantic points. If you don’t know these specific dates, don’t be afraid to ask.

Planning outings that involve her friends.

A woman wants to know that you have accepted everything from her, including her friends. As people get older, it can be more difficult to seize a moment of solid friendship, especially when you are in a relationship.

So why not reduce the pressure on your partner by making a plan to involve your friends, too?

By doing this, you will let him know that you have accepted all aspects of his life. In addition, it will give you the opportunity to connect with the people closest to you. Just plan to do something fun, like go bowling on the beach day or night, and let her know that you want her friends to come.

Sharing your feelings

There is nothing more romantic than letting a girl know how you feel. Men are taught to suppress their emotions because women want “men”. However, this idea is very outdated. What women really want is to understand all aspects of you, including how you feel.

Expressing feelings is very difficult for you. Practice in front of the mirror. Write your thoughts on a piece of paper. Take small steps when practicing vulnerability with your partner.

It is a breath of fresh air to convey feelings to your lover. Women want to know how you feel about them. Don’t assume they already know.

Texting her throughout the day

Text someone during the day to show that you are thinking about them. Who doesn’t want to know? A simple “I hope you have a nice day” can greatly show your partner that you care.

Of course, I am not saying that you have to send such text messages every thirty minutes. I am not saying that all women will like this gesture. But what I want to say is that if you want to be more romantic, it’s worth a try.

Because, if a woman likes you, you may miss her all day. It’s nice to know that this feeling is mutual.

Asking about her past.

It is difficult for women to be honest about their past. Many women worry about running away when they start talking about the difficult times they are going through. Not to mention, people don’t usually ask at first.

When you create a comfortable space for your partner to open up and show your affection, she means the whole world to her. To this day, I quickly thought that the fact that my boyfriend did this set him apart from the people I dated in the past.

Unexpected surprises.

After a particularly stressful day at work, my boyfriend showed up in our dinner plan with a piece of cake from my favorite bakery. It melted my heart instantly and cheered me up. Since then, I like to emulate this gesture for him.

Your surprise maybe your partner’s favorite baked goods or the flowers you picked for her on her way home from getting off work. My point is that surprises don’t have to be big and grand to be considered romantic.

Pick something that is more realistic for you, do it occasionally, and don’t screw it up every time.

Validating her feelings.

In a healthy relationship, the feelings of the other person will not be rejected because they are “too dramatic” or “unreasonable.” Whether you agree with him or not, someone can feel his feelings.

By confirming your partner’s feelings, you show that you care about your partner’s experience.

An example of this might be when he goes home and tells you how stressful his day is. An effective response is, “This sounds difficult, and it makes sense for you to be under pressure. I will too”.

Romance is not a terrible thing, it needs to be complicated. Although movies and books may describe it this way, the way it works in real life is slightly different. Small actions can make a big difference.

So try these techniques to add some romance to your relationships. Also, don’t be afraid to let your partner do it for you. After all, romance is not exclusive to women.