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Mahama’s only motivation for his comeback attempts to hand over our bauxite deposits to his brother Ibrahim Mahama



Mahama's only motivation for his comeback attempts to hand over our  bauxite deposits to his brother Ibrahim Mahama 1

I have read with bemused delirium a statement John Mahama has made as to the driving force behind his comeback attempts.

Mr. Mahama says the only motivating factor for these desperate efforts to come back to power is to get jobs for the teeming unemployed youth since, in his view, the country sits on a youth unemployment time bomb.

Mahama is a pathological liar. It is not true he wants a comeback with the view to helping any unemployed youth secure jobs to better their lives.

The only known motivation which cannot be controverted is to have another opportunity to reignite the hegemonic agenda he initiated which was scuttled by the Akufo-Addo administration.

Ghana’s bauxite deposits were handed over to his brother on a silver platter. The billions of dollars mineral resources was gifted to his brother, Ibrahim Mahama, and that would have made them the richest family on the African Continent.

With the abrogation of that deal by a court of competent jurisdiction and appeals having been thrown out for lack of substance, John Mahama and his siblings see the only route to reclaim the Nyinahin bauxite deposits is for John Mahama to do all within his means to land his seat on the Presidency once again.

As for his claim of providing employment for the youth, a cursory look at his poor leadership is enough to dispel this saintly exterior he is projecting about having learnt how best to do things going forward.

During his tenure as President of the Republic of Ghana, Mahama, when confronted with the unemployed situation of the youth, he told Ghanaians and the unemployed youth that he was not a magician to command jobs to fall into their laps.

Under his leadership, public sector employment was stalled to the extent that graduate nurses and other health professionals were not employed unlike the norm he came to meet.

Unemployed Graduates Association was formed as a result of his inability to expand the economy to absorb more workers. This man who was an emblem of despair yesterday claims to hold the keys to unlocking the employment avenues for the youth today.

Apart from NaBCo which has provided some 100,000 jobs to the youth, the education and health sectors alone have provided over 150,000 jobs to the youth. These sectors were stalled under Mahama. Other sectors have employed thousands of the unemployed youth.

Mahama has no good record in terms of job creation. For eight years, he was a flop of epic proportions in terms of job creation. His promises to create these so-called jobs are not only vague but empty in terms of ingredients.

His comeback is to enrich his family members with our bauxite deposits but not to provide any jobs to the teeming youth as he says. We experienced him for eight years and we only went home with despondency, desolation and a future strewn with bleakness.

But for President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the hope we have today would have been illusive.

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