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Man Butchers Wife And Son In Central Region.



Man Butchers Wife And Son In Central Region. 1

A native at Abebuom a village in the Assin South District of the Central Region, Baba Abubakar has butchered his wife and two year old son with a knife.

The suspect, who doubles as a father and husband has currently taken to his heels and nowhere to be found at this particular moment.

He is said to have committed this heinous act to his wife and son because the wife had separated him from a fight with one Osman, who took advantage of the intervention from the wife and knocked him down.

Narrating the incident on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, Oheneba Ambrose said Abubakar had alleged that Osman has stolen GHc10 from a contribution some residents contributed and was to be used as transport fare to another village where a new Mosque was being commissioned.

He said the residents contributed GHc10 each and handed it over to Osman who was to later hand it over to the driver who took them to the village where the Mosque was commissioned.

Ambrose disclosed the residents went in the company of an Imam who they later agreed to give 20 cedis for accompanying them to the event.

However, they realized they only had GHc10. So it was agreed that the remaining GHc10 should be deducted from the one meant for the driver.

But Osman was later acussed of stealing the GHc10 when it was actually given to the Imam

Angered by the accusation, Osman went to Abubakar’s residence to fight him and in the process of the fight, Osman attempted to knock him down but he held a tree which made it difficult for Osman to knock him to the ground.

The wife of Abubakar, Rabiatu, reportedly removed the husband’s hands from the tree, a situation which made Osman knock him down.

Infuriated by this, Abubakar allegedly slapped the wife and said she had caused his defeat.

This reportedly happened three weeks ago.

However, the suspect allegedly attacked the wife two days ago with the knife after a friend had asked him to explain the incident to him.

While explaining the incident, it degenerated into an argument between him and the wife and in the process, he went into his room, brought out the knife and allegedly attacked the wife with it.

While attacking the wife, the son attempted to stop the father but ended up being injured in the process.

The police is currently on a manhunt for the suspect who has done this terrible thing to his own wife and son. The wife is seeking treatment.

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