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Man Commits Suicide at Airport to Avoid Deportation.



Man Commits Suicide at Airport to Avoid Deportation. 56



A man has committed suicide at London Airport by jumping over the balcony of a storey building in an attempt to avoid deportation back to his country of birth.

In a bizarre video circulating online, the chubby man was seen engaging in a vigorous argument and interrogation by some immigration officers at the second floor of Airport complex. And suddenly, he jumped over the balcony of the building, and turning himself in the air to make a free fall down to the ground.

It was a pathetic scene as everyone around screamed in fear, and rushed up to him to see if he could be saved from dying.

Some reports suggest that the man in question is allegedly a Nigerian, who considered taking his own life as a better option than being deported back to Nigeria.

This takes us to the need for this country to be salvaged from the political rot that has made the nation inhabitable for even its own citizens.

If a man could decide to take his own life rather than coming back to his country, does that not call for a serious concern?