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Man left in shame as girlfriend rejects public proposal – (VIDEO).



Man left in shame as girlfriend rejects public proposal - (VIDEO). 56



A young Ghana man who decided to show his romantic side of himself received the biggest embarrassment of his life when his girlfriend gave him a dirty slap for proposing to her in public.

The young Ghanaian man decided to take the relationship between himself and the said lady to a whole new level but his move ended in painful tears.

The incident happened at Karaoke night at Honeysuckle, where the man decided to surprise his girlfriend with a marriage proposal.

As the Karaoke night was getting lit, he knelt before the girlfriend, pulled out a ring, and popped up the question but the response from the lady is what caught the attention of those around.

As the man went to his knees and popped the question, his action was greeted with cheers from people at the pub but the girlfriend found the public proposal embarrassing.

Amidst the cheers and despite the “Say yes, say yes” noise from the people, the lady had to cover her face to save some shame.

Video below;