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Man Quit His Job To Sell Mice Poison After A Mouse Chewed His Trousers.



Man Quit His Job To Sell Mice Poison After A Mouse Chewed His Trousers. 1

Kofi Paul, the father of seven has made a shocking revelation of why he left his job and started selling mouse poison.

Kofi Paul a father of seven and a seller of mice poison revealed on SVTV Africa that he stopped his former job and ventured into the sale of mouse poison because mouse chewed his precious cloth which he had bought from Abidjan.

The father of seven has been selling the said poison for 18 good years, something he does to fund his children’s Senior Secondary School education.

“I have 7 children, and they are all in Senior High now. This is the job I do to take care of them,” he said.

Adding that, his children will not help him sell his products because they are very beautiful.

“Because they are all beautiful they won’t help me in selling my products. You know fine girls can’t sell mice poison,” he narrated.

Talking on his products he said, “I manufacture some and I take some too from other manufacturers”.

He comes from Nsawam in the Eastern Region to Dome Market to sell his products to raise some income to cater for his family.

“Because of the nature of my work, l have not even had s*x with my wife for the past 1 year,” he revealed.

Interestingly, he said this on the reaction of mice, “You will always find mice in the room of fair ladies as well as the fat ones.”


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