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Men Need S3x To Survive, Maurice Ampaw.



Men Need S3x To Survive, Maurice Ampaw. 3

Men Need S3x To Survive, Maurice Ampaw. 4

Private legal practitioner, Maurice Ampaw is of a strong opinion that sex decreases stress builds up confidence and does not make a person grow old especially to married couples and those who have attained the age of sixteen.

“Sex is very important and beneficial without it there is no life. Man will not be happy in life without sex,” he revealed in an interview monitored by on Wontumi TV.

He admonished that, sex is very sensitive and for that matter it must be done secretly and at a serene environment, “after that you don’t disclose it to anyone.”

According to the controversial lawyer, everybody has the capacity to have sex but since it is a serious business, one needs to get license and capacity in law before going into it.

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw however explained that, the right age for a person to have sex is 16 years and above but the person cannot marry for a good reason.

“The license is given to you by law and the capacity is given to you by age.” he told Obaa Adwoa Nelson Aweh when on “Mmra Ne Abrabo Mu Nsem” programme.


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