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Messages Women Cannot Ignore.



Messages Women Cannot Ignore. 53



You don’t have to get the cold shoulder.

You can slide into her direct messages and not have your shot thrashed. It all depends on your approach.

Women are looking for certain qualities in your message. Have those elements. You increase your chances of getting a reply.

Here are five (5) strategies to get the woman you like to reply to your text.

1. Extend your focus

Your emotions make you hyper-aware of how you feel:

  • Sweaty palms
  • Lump in your throat
  • Racing heartbeat

But when she gets the message, it isn’t about you. She is reading it from her perspective because she cannot see how important the text was to you.

The subject of your outreach is the receiver.

What is an improved approach for your first note? It’s not “I like you.” send a, “I think we have a lot in common.” comment. This message takes the focus off you and places it on the receiver.

Imagine someone entering your space uninvited. The person makes everything about their feelings, then hopes to be friends. Even you would consider this guy a jerk. There is always time to express your feelings if you focus on the inbox owner first.

Messages Women Cannot Ignore. 54

2. Increase the value of time spent with you

It seems super corny.

Yet, one reason players say, “You’re the only girl I talk to.” via messages is to increase the value of time invested. It is more intense than sending, “I like talking with you on the phone.”.

It ramps up perceived value because the woman thinks he likes me so much his phone is dry if he doesn’t talk to me. He puts his other potential dates on hold for a chance with me.

Women have gotten used to this line, so your wording would have to be different. Thus, you could write that:

  • You canceled plans to be with her.
  • You have work in the morning, but you can still stay up to talk.
  • Your first time visiting a place was with her.

All this shows is that you don’t only want to be around her. But you are attempting to fit her into your schedule.

3. Get creative when dealing with your availability.

Women can avoid a date for many reasons. You can ramp up the intensity of the decision without being a jerk. Avoid stating that you are only available on such a night because of whatever excuse you have because of your life situation. That is not her problem. Remember, you messaged her; she can be selfish and think about her availability. Use a different approach to take care of your time constraint.

Choose a time-sensitive event. For example, the restaurant you picked could have vegan nights only on Thursdays. This day is perfect for your schedule. So, you solve your scheduling issues without placing expectations on the other person’s availability. Plan several options because a day can work for you, but not for her. It is okay if you do not know about unique places or events happening in your area. You can check travel websites, ask friends, or use Atlas Obscura for your search.

Messages Women Cannot Ignore. 55

4. Assume very little

Your feelings and emotions cloud your outlook on the interaction. Don’t assume the woman can handle the idea of more yet. Give her time. Make this move after you establish trust. Or when you see her in person.

3 Subtle Ways to Build Trust

Humans use these signs to judge your character.

Frame your request to see her face to face a solution to one (simple) problem. What is the problem?

  • Both of you have never seen each other in-person.
  • You both want to know where the relationship could go.
  • You both feel like the phone conversations are not enough.
  • You what to know if the vibe is the same when you are not behind a screen.

Solving one problem keeps the typical pressure of the first face-to-face encounter low.

5. Be honest

I’ll admit meeting is nerve-racking and exciting. Laugh about these feelings together, enjoy the date, and decide if you want to see more of each other. What is your next course of action next? Get her obsessed with you.