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Moment Black Sherif stormed Konongo Zongo – VIDEO.



Moment Black Sherif stormed Konongo Zongo – VIDEO. 60




Black Sherif returned to his Konongo Zongo roots in a heartwarming video that has surfaced online amidst his current troubles.

Blacko maintains his humble nature which has won him so many plaudits through his music as he showed up in simple attire with nothing flashy on him.

Some guys make it for two weeks in showbiz and think they’re the second coming of Christ, behaving arrogantly and looking down on others.

Blacko still remains humble as he visited the place he started from.

A video shows the Kwaku the Traveller hitmaker returning to Konongo and receiving a hero’s welcome.

He met some relatives who were overjoyed to see him as they showered him with praise.

Others could be heard yapping in the background about the arrival of the big man.

Black Sherif always pays homage to Konongo Zongo, either in his music or in interviews.

He hypes the place up and feels very proud of it, hence why those there were also very proud to meet him on his return.

Watch video of the triumphant return of Black Sherif to Konongo Zongo below…


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This heartwarming moment occurs at a time of great turmoil in the young man’s career.

Shadrach Agyei petitioned the High Court to stop Blacko from performing at any shows and also for a cut of his streaming revenue