My sweat, my blood for John Mahama – Mr Beautiful

Former Kumawood actor Clement Bonney otherwise known in showbiz circles as Mr Beautiful has said that even though his acting career has been affected by publicly declaring his support for the NDC, he has no regrets for making that decision.

Although he has been missing in action since the 2016 election, Mr Beautiful tells Graphic Showbiz he has been working tirelessly behind the scenes for the NDC.

According to him, his blood and sweat remained for former President Mahama, who is the NDC’s Presidential Candidate, and he is earnestly waiting to hit the ground running when the campaign season heats up.

“Many people think that because I have been silent and off the public scene for some time, I am abandoning Mahama and the NDC this time around, but that’s not it at all. I am ever, and ever ready to battle with my sweat and blood.

“This is not about Mr Beautiful and his love for Mahama, but now it is glaring that Mahama and the NDC administration performed better, better for the arts than the NPP has done in the last four years,” he said.

Mr beautiful giving reasons for his undying love for Mahama and the NDC, the Bitter Taste of Love actor said he was witness to the numerous deeds the former President had done and was still doing for the creative sector even in opposition.

“I won’t just make empty claims but support my argument with facts, and those who think otherwise can come and challenge me.

The NPP can never compare themselves to the NDC when it comes to their work for the creative arts sector.

“In 2012, Mahama gave the creative arts sector GHS2 million, and I know Obour (former MUSIGA President) can speak on this matter, but now he is NPP so he will do politics with it.

“Apart from that, as a staunch supporter of the NDC, I know that our manifesto had strong plans for the creative arts sector, especially its infrastructural development.

“Although I can’t really quote the article where the NDC stated their plans for the creative arts sector, I know a portion had the establishment of a fund that would be dedicated to the aged in showbiz,” he stated.

Mr Beautiful told Graphic Showbiz he had been unwavering in supporting former President Mahama because even though he lost in the last election, he was still upholding his pledge of supporting the aged in the industry.

“Every three months, former President Mahama provides foodstuffs to our aged musicians and entertainers and I have always asked why he doesn’t make it public, but he tells me that he is not doing it for man but for God.

“I can mention names such as the late CK Mann, Paapa Yankson, Super OD, Ewurama Badu, Bob Okala and Ataa Mensah. There are also Paa George and Obuoba J.A Adofo who have also enjoyed the benevolence of Mahama even while he is in opposition.

“You can find out from Maame Dokono; Mahama made donations to her last week.

I’m not just talking, please but providing evidence as well. Just this morning I got a call from Adwoa Pee of Obra fame who said she had been in and out of the hospital for many years and needed money to support her treatment.

“These are some of the cases that come to me and I seek help from Mahama and without hesitation, he readily goes to their aid. This is what I’m talking about and not empty promises,” he stated.

He mentioned that the establishment of the Creative Arts Council was a fallacy since it had added nothing of value to the industry.

He called out Socrate Safo, the Director of Creative Arts at the National Commission on Culture (NCC) and vociferous campaigner of the NPP, to be truthful in his submissions.

“If Socrate will be honest, he can tell the world how he called me for assistance to get former President Mahama to support Jagger Pee for his heart surgery.

“Even though he was not even in the country at the time, he asked his wife to provide financial support. If I know my future as a creative person is safe with a person, I will support that person even in the case where he/she is a foreigner,” he stated.

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