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Nana Akomea rubbishes claims the NDC represents views of Ghanaians.



Nana Akomea rubbishes claims the NDC represents views of Ghanaians. 56

The Chief Executive Officer of the State Transport Company (STC), Nana Akomea, has laughed at the claim that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) represents the views of Ghanaians.

According to him, the fact that the NDC keeps pushing for the rejection of the 2022 Budget Statement and Economic Policy, under the guise of speaking the minds of the majority of the populace, does not qualify it to claim to be representing the views of the larger population.

Speaking on Good Morning Ghana on Metro TV, he stated that this will not be the first budget that the opposition NDC will claim is unpopular and that would also not change the fact that the new levies being introduced are in the good interest of the country.

“This budget is the most unpopular; what didn’t they say about the budget two or three years ago? They said the same thing. Now, they say that we’ve brought an excruciating levy. How do you describe that it’s excruciating? The levies that you brought in your budget from 2013 to 2017, you said they were good levies but somebody brings levies in their budget – you brought levies so much that you even taxed condoms but you said they were good levies. Somebody brings levies, you say they’re excruciating,” he said.

Nana Akomea further explained that it is rather the party in the majority that represents the voices of the people in a country, thereby making it problematic that the NDC would think that their views rather do that.

“Now, you say that you represent the views of Ghanaians? You the defeated party, and the party that is in government, I mean, I don’t know who represents Ghanaians. But if you ask me, or if you ask any sane Ghanaian ‘who represents the Ghanaians,’ it’s the Majority party. So, if those are your views or of your followers, say so but don’t come here and tell us that you represent the views of Ghanaians,” he said.

Nana Akomea was on the show with a former Deputy Minister of Information, Felix Kwakye Ofosu, as they discussed issues surrounding the 2022 budget.

The budget, as it stands now, has been approved albeit under very controversial circumstances.