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Nkrumah is a great man who will live forever – Kennedy Agyapong.



Nkrumah is a great man who will live forever – Kennedy Agyapong. 46



Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong, has heaped praise on Ghana’s first president Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah, describing him as a visionary in the area of development.

According to Agyapong, Nkrumah will live forever thanks to some of the infrastructure projects that he put in polace during his time as first leader of independent Ghana.

He singled out two major such projects in comments he made on a TV program GhanaWeb monitored on Net2 TV on Friday evening.

“Nkrumah is a great man, he will still live, until the (Accra – Tema) motorway gets spoilt, or till there is a four-lane expansion, Nkrumah still lives. [With respect to] Akosombo, he still lives,” Agyapong stressed.
This is the second time in under a week that he is talking highly of Nkrumah.

In comments made four days ago, he stressed that anyone with a sense of fairness will appreciate Nkrumah had a vision.

“You were saying when we had independence 1957 at the same time with South Korea, now go and see what they have done with their country from 1968. You cannot say he was ahead of his peers by even 50 years because, for 64 years, Nkrumah is still alive in this country for his good works.

“Take the motorway alone, we have not been able to do anything about it after 45 years, Akosombo you can name it, the things Nkrumah did.

“I am UP and some of the things he later did were bad. But apart from the atrocities against his opponents, he was ahead of his peers by 100 years,” he stressed.