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“Old players welfare should be a priority” – George Kennedy to New Kotoko Management



"Old players welfare should be a priority" - George Kennedy to New Kotoko Management 1


The welfare of old players should be paramount to new Kotoko management said George Kennedy

According to George, players who have served the club wholeheartedly should be given essential support”,he told Hello FM in an exclusive interview.

“Look at someone like Ohene Brenya, he captained Kotoko for about seven years. Is the team manager role the only thing we can do for him?”, he questioned.

Furthermore, the former Kotoko Board Member suggested that the club should do everything possible to push the current team manager to acquire more knowledge and information about his job.

” We should push him to pursue a career course to be able to obtain a certificate. For how long can he occupy the team manager’s role, his future is at stake.”

“There are so many people who served Kotoko but they are not remembered when they retire. They are not even recognise.”

“It’s about time we remember our heroes. Some of the players who won the Africa competition in 1971 and1983 are still alive. What are we doing for them as a club?”, he concluded.


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