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“Papa No Troll”: Pearl Asiamah Dresses Down Trollers.



"Papa No Troll": Pearl Asiamah Dresses Down Trollers. 1

There are males here who because of small political appointment you are enjoying you have turned your ugly sch longs into picture models and send such to every non-family female in your phone book.

There females here who because you are yourself foot soldiering for a political party, every person who you think matters and has some influence(real or imagined) and has a number in a Whats App group you belong to has been a recipient (welcoming or not) of your over-pumped orbs!

Yet, you lot have the nerve to ridicule the former President to the point of out rightly casting aspersions and insults against his person!

And to the rest of us saints, holier-than-Christ prigs, who are also subjecting the former President to contumely all because of the rants of obvious lunatics who have data and smartphones smarter than them, let’s hold onto the morality policing, please!

Do you know everything your saintly partners did in their past, are doing in the present and will be doing in their futures?

Don’t also forget that so far as you a human, you have your faults and the fact that your wrongs have not caught up with you or haven’t come to light doesn’t mean that you are better than anyone. Slow down on the judgement

Our insatiable thirst for salacious gossip should not lead to us passing unfounded judgement and invective about the subjects of the stories once we are drunken with said gossip.
Because they are just that gossips! Not facts!

No matter what you think you know about a person unless the person admits to such or you have irrefutable facts about such, they remain gossip.
Let’s tarry because sooner rather than later as we’ve seen so often, those who do make these accusations turn round to apologies from telling fibs and for the deception.

It will be hypocritical on my part to say don’t troll. But let’s troll with some decorum! Trolling is not same as insulting, please!

Everyone who has ever been or is the President or Veep of our land no matter how you personally feel about the person is the embodiment of every Ghanaian. Remember that!

Remember also that it is not only this particular Former President who have rumors about his concupiscent demeanor. The only difference is that now social media is available to almost everybody and almost everybody has access to smartphones, including folks less smart than these devices.

Let’s be measured in our trolling


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