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Pastor Who Shaved Private Part Of Female Church Members Explains Why He Did That.



Pastor Who Shaved Private Part Of Female Church Members Explains Why He Did That. 49

Ghanaians have lambasted pastor spotted in a viral video shaving the pubic hair of women in his church and asked that he be brought to book.

A video of a rogue ‘pastor’ doing the unthinkable to ladies in his church took social media by storm few days ago and shocked Netizens.

The youthful Pastor, who makes Kanyari’s fake miracles look like child’s play, was anointing ladies’ and shaving their private parts during a deliverance session in his church.

According to the pastor identified as Attah, it’s a divine direction from God.

Attah said it’s required of every Christian especially his members to shave the private parts and get bathed by him so that all uncleanliness in their lives will be washed away.

The pastor also insulted critics of his action and rubbished their criticisms against him.

Ghanaians have lambasted the pastor spotted in the video and asked that he be brought to book.

However, (pastor) Mensah Mark in an interview with Ghanaweb has debunked claims that the video is a scene from a real service at his Church.

I am a secret investigative journalist as an actor and producer. I bring out people’s experiences. I didn’t see their panties because all of them were wearing jeans under their dresses and skirts. So I didn’t see their panties. But you know, as good movie director…movie is made to believe. I don’t have to film it such a way that people will see it is just a movie,” he told GhanaWeb.

According to him, the movie is to expose fake pastors and their evil ways as a means of cautioning the public.

What I do in my movies is a typical example of what others have experienced before. The scene is from a lady’s experience in a Church. She told me, she went to a Church and that is what the Pastor did to her. One also said, a pastor put an orange in between her breasts and was massaging it, and other things. Of which we have shown”, he added.