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People who prophesy about football, politics don’t understand ‘simple’ God – Prophet Kofi Oduro.



People who prophesy about football, politics don’t understand ‘simple’ God – Prophet Kofi Oduro. 46



Prophet Kofi Oduro says God is not interested in politics and football

•He says God is concerned with more important things

•He says people who prophesy about football and politics don’t understand God

Prophet Kofi Oduro, leader of the Alabaster International Ministries has stated that prophets who make predictions about the outcome of sports and political activities do not have a full appreciation of the operations of God.

According to him, God does not dabble in those activities which he considers not to be of significant value to mankind.

He noted in a sermon that, God is a simplistic being who does not involve himself in certain things like football matches and politics.

“I wish you people could understand the simplicity of the gospel. How simple it is. If we understood it, we would not bring madness like prophecy to football. We will not bring about madness like prophecy to politics. There are some things God does not think about. God does not think about those things. God doesn’t even know Kotoko, Hearts or Okwahu United. What is he going to use Bechem United for? Ghanaians should stop fooling,” he said.

His comments come on the back of recent predictions by Prophet Badu Kobi which turned out to be false.

Badu Kobi in separate prophecies said that England and Brazil were going to win the 2020 Euros and Copa America respectively.

On the Brazil versus Argentina final which was played exactly a week ago, Badu Kobi said “Most people don’t know this and they question how a prophet is able to talk about football, health matters, energy, future matters but let me tell you that… God rules in men’s matters. There is nothing that you can say that God is not interested in,” Badu Kobi stated.

He added, “Now for the match which will happen tonight between Brazil and Argentina, Brazil will win. Argentina will not win, Messi is part of Argentina, he is a great footballer but the night is not for them, the night is for Brazil and Brazil will win this cup. That is what the spirit of the Lord has revealed to me.”

But by the end of the game, it was Argentina who won the day with a 1-0 scoreline.

“Today (July 11), England will beat Italy,” Prophet Badu Kobi said on Sunday, hours before the final match at Wembley. “I will say it again. That is the work of a prophet. Keep saying what God is saying.”

His prophecy failed as the trophy went to Rome after Italy won 3-2 on penalties.