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Prez was forced to appoint Dr. Hamid as NPA CEO – Group alleges.



Prez was forced to appoint Dr. Hamid as NPA CEO - Group alleges. 46



A group calling itself Media Alliance is claiming that some other top personalities in government have frustrated the process to have Dr. Mustapha Hamid appointed as the CEO of the National Petroleum Authority (NPA).

Media Alliance attributes their claim to intelligence they say was gathered by the National Security.

According to them, information has it that the former Zongo Affairs Minister, Mustapha Hamid, is wrongly holding himself up as the new Chief Executive Officer of the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) with the backing of a nephew of President Akufo-Addo who many regard as the de facto President of Ghana because of the power he wields.

According to Media Alliance, Hamid “is so desperate for the position that he has been holding himself up as the CEO of the NPA even though the Presidency has not appointed him to that position.

On several occasions, he has attended energy conferences, and in the attendance book participants sign to indicate they attended the conference, he refers to himself as the CEO of the NPA.

This is said to have caused a lot of anger within the energy industry but undaunted because of the support from the President’s nephew, he has continued to hold himself as such in a bid to force the President into appointing him to it.”

They further allege that National Security Sources, accuse Dr. Mustapha Hamid came to the NPA on several occasions, introduced himself as the incoming CEO, and held meetings with some key personnel at the Authority.

The sources say currently, the strategy is to get one of the pro-NPP newspapers to publish that Mustapha Hamid has been appointed to the position to force the President to do exactly that.

They further alleged that a circular is also going to be issued today claiming that he has been appointed to the position and would be introduced to the management of the NPA on July 1st.

“On the website of Asaase Radio (99.7), a story appeared today under the heading Mustapha Hamid appointed CEO of National Petroleum Authority”  claiming “President Akufo-Addo has appointed Dr. Mustapha Hamid as the Chief Executive Officer of the National Petroleum Authority” even though the President has not done so.

The National Security sources say it is the latest attempt to force President Akufo-Addo to put pressure on Vice-President Bawumia to appoint Mustapha Hamid as CEO of the NPA.

According to sources, all these are being done to undermine the authority of Vice-President Mahamadu Bawumia into whose hands President Akufo-Addo has entrusted the job of appointing persons to certain key positions in the energy sector in his government.

The Vice-President is said to have given the names of the persons he wants to be appointed to CEO positions in SOEs in the energy sector including that of the NPA  to the President and he, the President,  has approved them. But in a last minute effort to scuttle the Vice-President’s choices, all is being done to deceive the public that Mustapha Hamid has been appointed to the position to force the President and the Vice-President to accept it.

Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia, according to the National Security sources is not amused with the antics going on and explains and deems it as disrespect to him personally and the position he holds by both this nephew of the President and Mustapha Hamid,” the report further stated.