Question staff and Metre Readers who come to your homes” – GWCL to Public

The Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) has called for cooperation from the general public to fight against corruption among staff in the various state-owned institutions.

The Regional Commercial Manager, Ashanti-South of GWCL, Mr. Theophilus T. Collins said there are some unscrupulous individuals in the system going round claiming to be staff of GWCL and conniving with landlords to connect water into homes on the blindside of the Company to cause financial loss to the state.

He pointed out that it is a crime for people to read metre and connect water into their taps without their knowledge.

Mr. Theophilus added that it is advisable for  Ghanaians to question any person or group who walk into their homes and introduce themselves as staff of GWCL.

“Take interest, question people coming to your homes posing as GWCL staff”, make sure they have credible staff ID cards accredited by the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) before opening your doors to them”

Adding that anyone who report these criminal act will be rewarded. “Report those individuals to our office for a handsome reward. We will give you something you will appreciate and also protect you from people whom you have exposed” he assured

Mr. Theophilus T. Collins made this known to the public while speaking on range of issues on “Nkwantanan” show with George Opoku Mensah Agudey.


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