Supreme Court Ruling Makes Nonsense Of Human Right-IPRANR

The Inter-Party Resistant Against New Register (IPRANR) has condemned the ruling of the Supreme Court against the exclusion of the old Voter ID from New voter register as they believe the ruling make nonsense of human rights.

The group is of the view that, the court did not consider what the constitution speaks of someone being a Ghanaian but took decision base on bias interest.

The Supreme Court yesterday (25th June, 2020) in a unanimous decision supported the decision of the EC to exclude the old voters ID card from the registration of the new voter register.

Addressing a press conference in Accra today (26 June, 2020), a leading member of IPRANR, Bernard Mornah stressed that, the ruling is a bad precedent that has been set by the Supreme Court as he says it sets the country on a time bomb.

He added that, the ruling of the Supreme Court does not make a sense as he says it is a complete complication for the ordinary Ghanaian to understand what they sort to put out.

Mr Mornah also noted that, they the action of the court clearly shows that, there will not be a free and fair elections as they vow to resist any attempt of such nature.

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