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Rapper EL Flaunts his multi-million dollar mansion online.



Rapper EL Flaunts his multi-million dollar mansion online. 49



Fans of Ghanaian rapper Elorm Adablah, aka EL, held their breath in disbelief after the rapper shared photos of a multi-million-dollar house online.

EL flexed his muscles saying in a simple tweet containing images of the mansion that; “ Only people I Trust are Mama, Emefa and Olivia”

Although EL did not state in his post that the house belonged to him, his caption suggested that he owned the lavish apartment.

Some fans are however doubting the financial strength of the rapper. They claim he does not have the means to acquire such a mansion.

They argue that EL has been inactive in the music scene for some years and cannot simply afford such luxury.

A tweep by name of Francis alleged that the mansion EL posted on his page is a hotel in the Arab city of Dubai but checks prove it as false.

Check out the mansion below and read some reactions from fans below;