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Responsible parenting fast disappearing in Ghana – Koo Nimo bemoans.



Responsible parenting fast disappearing in Ghana – Koo Nimo bemoans. 64



Africa’s celebrated Ethnomusicologist of Palmwine Music fame Agya Koo Nimo got patrons of the Maiden ‘StoryFest Event’ into deep reflections when he shared his heartfelt lamentations about poor parenting in the country.

“News about youth murdering a child for money rituals got me asking myself, ‘is the act of responsible parenting fast disappearing in this country? I repeat, is the act of responsible parenting fast disappearing in this country?’” He questioned with regret.

Prof. Daniel Kwabena Boa Amponsah (his real name) made reference to economic demands that now take both mother and father out of the home leaving children on their own with no parental care

Pointing to recent cases of children committing suicide and engaging in all kinds of criminal acts, he warned parents, “you’ve gotten the money but the souls of your children are doomed to destruction”

In the year 2007, I was in Malta, Queen Elizabeth who is now mourning her husband gave instructive advice to the Commonwealth Heads of State. She said, ‘parents please listen to your children; talk to your children.”

The nonagenarian made a humble request for collective parenting when he told a story about a man who turned a blind eye to goats fighting behind his house till the real owners one day implicated him, when they found one of their goats dead behind his house.

“If you see children gambling just like this man saw the goats fighting, don’t turn a blind eye because they are only rehearsing what will push them to steal your Kente for the next gamble,” he advised.

StoryFest a brainchild of ‘In And Out The Circle Inc.’ came off at the auditorium of the Christian Service University College, with collaboration from Kumasi based Ultimate 106.9 FM.

Responsible parenting fast disappearing in Ghana – Koo Nimo bemoans. 65

It was three hours of back to back lesson packed with indigenous stories, cultural dancing, drumming and a rich display of cultural identity.

The icing on the cake was the time parents and children enjoyed drawing attentively from the deep wisdom trough of the 90-year-old Agya Koo Nimo on his guitar.”

Stories accompanied by cultural trooping and dancing told the stories behind Adowa, Kundum, Atsiagbekor, Sikyi and Kpanlogo.
Responsible parenting fast disappearing in Ghana – Koo Nimo bemoans. 66

Executive Director of In And Out The Circle who also performed the creation story of Asieduwaa, Marian Babah Alargi was elated the event hit its target of championing the course of responsible parenting and safe upbringing of children.

She recounted, “Listening to Agya Koo Nimo today, he spoke about parenting, integrity, the new generation and sang a particular song that asked the mother ‘where is my father’. I think that song alone spoke so much and told parents that we can train our children together and that parenting is not outmoded because of evolving times.”

Parents who couldn’t bottle in their joy reminisced times when they used to hear such rich stories of culture and how they had lost sight of telling their children those value laden stories of old.

“It really made me miss those times of listening to Ananse Stories and I will suggest if these programs keep coming on every now and then,” a mother told Ultimate News’ Ivan Heathcote – Fumador.

Business Manager of Ultimate FM, Piconious Offoe Siameh described the partnership as a positive one that would make an impact on parents and the young generation.

“The concept is amazing because through storytelling, we are driving back the values that society has lost and for us any event to push this course is welcome by the brand,” he noted.

In And Out The Circle (IOTC) Inc. is a positive family oriented social enterprise with its primary focus on nurturing and advancing the course of responsible parenting, healthy family cohesion and sound child upbringing.

It has culminated into a family program that airs every Saturday from 10:00 to 12:00 noon on Ultimate 106.9 FM.