Revealed: Fake Pastors mix white car engine oil with Colors and sell to Ghanaians-Manasseh

Pastor Manasseh Kwabena has revealed the source of numerous oils sold by fake Pastors in the country to the unknowing members for miracles.

Manasseh Kwabena explained in an interview on Net 2 TV that white oil used for cars are mixed with several color dyes to get blue, red, yellow, pink and etc which is sold to some members seeking spiritual direction for their problems.

The outspoken Manasseh added that it is worrying that church members who wants solutions to their health problems are asked to consume these engine car oils mixed with color dyes which is likely to aggravate their ailing health conditions

White Engine Car Oils sold by spare parts dealers at Abossey Okai and Accra are not for human consumption but some fake Pastors go ahead and sell them to their members knowing its health implications

He therefore advised Ghanaians to be vigilant and seek God diligently rather than consulting “Pray for me” fake Pastors who has no solutions but rather add to their problems.

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