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SAD: Man who sold plot of land to sponsor his master’s degree now picks and sells scraps for survival.



SAD: Man who sold plot of land to sponsor his master’s degree now picks and sells scraps for survival. 1



Growing up, youngsters were advised by their parents and grandparents to take their books with all seriousness for classroom education is the key to success, financially.


But the reality after classroom education or otherwise school is entirely different as graduates have to put aside all the classless HND’s and degrees’ and hustle like school dropouts for daily bread!

As a result, most visionary youngsters off late don’t take delight in acquiring school credentials for obvious reasons but love to hustle hard and make it big because, after school, man still has to hustle.

Back to the subject matter, a young Nigerian man called Yazid Surajo with a master’s degree has said he prefers his scavenging work to stay idle.

The young man has tried to get a white-collar job but all to no avail and he decided to engage in a menial job to survive. The master’s degree holder said it’s better to be a scavenger than staying idle.

Speaking with Daily Trust, Yazid said he applied for Nigerian Army, Navy, and Air force but none of them was successful. In his words:

“I also applied for Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps, Nigerian Immigration Service, Customs Service, Fire Service, Correctional Service, Nigerian Police, and the recent one that I applied was National Drug Law Enforcement Agency NDLEA which they called me for an aptitude test and up till date, I have neither received a message nor heard about anything about the test.”

He said he gave his scavenging work more attention when he realised that getting a job in Nigeria was difficult.

Yazid studied history at the Umar Musa Yar’adua University, Katsina, and obtained his master’s degree from Bayero University, Kano.

The young man, therefore, called on the youths to start their own business with the little they have at their disposal.