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Samson Anyenini shares near-death experience on Tema Motorway.



Samson Anyenini shares near-death experience on Tema Motorway. 46



Lawyer Samson Lardy Anyenini, has shared a tell-it-all near-death accident he experienced on the Tema motorway on April 5, 2017.

The Joy FM presenter cum legal practitioner had gone to a court in Tema with an intern and was returning from Tema to Accra, when the accident occurred.

According to him, an Accra to Tema bound vehicle on the opposite side of the motorway burst a tyre after it hit a pothole, then it subsequently flew up and upon touching down landed on his car before somersaulting into the bush close by.

“I always remember the power with which it came, and when it eventually landed. And all of them happened within split seconds,” Lardy Anyenini narrated on Joy FM on Tuesday, April 13.

“When I saw it [the car flying] I remember telling myself, that was it and I just shouted the name of Jesus.”

He explained that his Nissan Pathfinder four-wheel vehicle which he was driving at the time played a role in his survival due to its durability.

“Our heads went down because the roof of the car had mangled. We were forced down beneath the steering wheel because that is the only way we could find ourselves in the car. How that happened that we do not have problems with our necks and our heads were not split [it is a miracle].”

When asked if it took him a long time before getting back onto the steering again, the lawyer cum journalist replied: “Any journey on the Motorway takes me literally to that day. So, if I had my way, I would not want to use it. My last boy was a couple of months [old] at the time and the other two were four and two years old.

He added: “When I came out that’s what I had to think about. Had this happened, what was it going to be like for them, how were they going to be told when they grew up. If they had the opportunity of a better life as I struggle every day to provide for them, so, that’s part of the thing when the memory comes, I just hate to have it,” Anyenini said.