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School owner gives account of how female student who committed suicide was found.



School owner gives account of how female student who committed suicide was found. 46



John Tetteh, the proprietor of Miracle Educational Academy, the school where a final year Senior High School student by name Leticia Kyere Pinaman allegedly committed suicide has given a detailed description of the state in which the student was found.

John Tetteh revealed in an Okay FM interview monitored by GhanaWeb that the student was found with her tongue stuck out from her handling body which was tied to a wood in the school’s dining hall.

“She was hanging there and she had eased herself but because she was wearing a tight underwear we could not see but when it was removed they saw it. She pissed on herself and there was also a table and chair there. It was a dining hall so everything was there. She tied the rope to a wood in the dining hall.”

John Tetteh also disclosed the circumstances leading to the girl committing suicide and how the school’s authorities were informed about the incident.

“We were having Bible studies, praying when she stepped out. After church, I was informed that she had hanged herself. I called my spokesperson and we went to the scene. Upon arrival at the scene we saw her body hanging and went to the police station to report.”

“Its not true that she was murdered. From what I saw and the note she left in the dining hall (everything) shows that it was suicide and no one killed her.”

John Tetteh’s version of the incident differs from the account by the girl’s parents who suspect that their child was murdered.

The mother of the late student told Rainbow Radio nothing was found on her body that suggest she committed suicide.

“According to the doctor, there was no sign of death by hanging. Her tongue didn’t protrude, she didn’t pass any faecal matter or urine. And that means, she was dead before being hanged”, she said in Twi.