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Shatta Wale reveals why going to Ankaful prison didn’t bring any change in his lifestyle  



Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale views prisons to be his home even if they are facilities for criminals.

The Ghanaian dancehall musician was arrested by police in October 2021 after being charged with disseminating false information.

Shatta Wale talked about his stint in jail in a recent interview with TV3, claiming that he didn’t feel overly humbled by the experience since he felt at home there.

Some prisoners, according to the Ghanaian musician, allegedly enjoyed his imprisonment. The former prisoner continues by stating that he was held at the Ankaful.

He was even treated with respect and dignity in the Medium Prison in the Central Region.

“You see, here in Ghana, we do not sacrifice to help the country. It didn’t really humble me because when I went to jail, I was actually feeling like I was at home,” he said.

“There were quite a number of people there, some for over 30 years, that wanted to see Shatta Wale. Some fetch water for me and others give me their food. The way I was treated on the streets, is the same treatment I got in the cells,” he said.

“It wasn’t like they sent me to a place to suffer; when I went there, it was like a vacation. Nobody goes to jail and comes back with the right frame of mind but I came back and released ‘On God’, ‘JJC’ and a whole lot”. Shatta Wale disclosed.