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Six Common Mistakes That Chase Good Men Away From You



Six Common Mistakes That Chase Good Men Away From You 1

Common sense is not common “voltaire”

Many women tendes to be good when is comes to Girlfriend stuff, but when it comes to marriage they just the worst, that’s why you here some men saying “your the worst thing that have ever happen to me”

Some are good caring and available as long as they can use you for themselves.

Yet some ladies are biologically ready to be a mother but not mentally or spiritually ready to be a wife.

If you marry a young girl who have not made up her mind to become to become a wife, she will give you heard time.

In this article I will share with six thing that chase good men away from young girl.

1. Money Love

Nowadays it’s common you will here some girls saying “I can’t marry a man that is broke”
If you marry a man because of his money what will happen if the suddenly go broke

You Get The Point Now.

Money has a strong power and influence in the world today and unfortunately,the power and influence of money has slowly but surely crept into our relationship.

If you come to me because of money,when l am broke what will happen? Ladies now equate money for love which shouldn’t be so.

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The fact that a man splash money on you doesn’t necessarily mean he loves you.

That is why marriages ‘re breaking up because the man is now broke. Love comes first not money. Money is good to sustain the relationship. No what you want ladies.

2. I Can Change Him.

Many single ladies endure a relationship in hope that they man will change. They endure domestic violence, his cheating habits and his lack of appreciation for her. This is tragedy and if you know your union,you should be far from such a man. A man can not be change until he decided on it’s own. Ladies take note(pray for him also).


3. High expectations while she as a person has not thought of how can I help this man financially and other wise. Most ladies forget to invite in their lives before high expectations from a man.

4. My Type “List”.

It’s a good thing to know what you want in a man and know the kind of man that suits your person, but when you have a list for a potential partner as if you re going for shopping,then you might be towing a dangerous path: e.g. a tall handsome guy with flat stomach, very rich,romantic, has cars,knows how to pamper a woman, sexy ,fun to be with,he can cook etc funny a enough she doesn’t no how to cook. A lot of women have lost good men just because of sticking to a LIST with 20-30 requirements. Meeting this so-called man,if he even exist wouldn’t even grant you satisfaction or a happy home. You would definitely see faults in a long run,forgetting what truly makes a Man is what the eyes cannot see. Ladies there is no perfect man.

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5.Already Made Man

many ladies are not ready to build today to enjoy tomorrow. They just want it now not ready to wait, I can’t marry him because he doesn’t have a car, he doesn’t have a house this are the stories.

6. Nagging A Man Out Of Their Lives

never satisfied with the little he has, but comparing him to other men just to intimidate him out.

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