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Tears as woman narrates how her husband impregnated her two daughters



Tears as woman narrates how her husband impregnated her two daughters 1
File photo: Pregnant woman

Auntie Gladys, a mother of four, has narrated how her husband impregnated two of their daughters in a kiosk at Kasoa SCC in the Weija Gbawe Municipality of the Greater Accra Region.

The suspect, Kweku Boateng, who happens to be the step-father of the girls, has since been arrested by the Kasoa Tollbooth Police.

Narrating the sad incident on Adom FM’s morning show Dwaso Nsem Wednesday, Auntie Gladys said prior to settling down with the suspect, she had three children and later had another child with Mr Boateng.

Life, she said, was already not easy for her and the kids and that the suspect further made things difficult for her as he started spending money on women and abusing her as well.

“When we gave birth, Kweku started misbehaving. When he gets money and I ask him for a portion of the money, he always refuses to give me and when I confront him, he then picks a fight with me. He spends the little money he gets on the young girls in the area and leaves us to cater for ourselves,” she said.


Auntie Gladys said the issue of her husband impregnating her two daughters started when she travelled to take care of her sick mother and left the girls with him.

Unknown to her, Mr Boateng was sleeping with them in her absence.

“My mother is suffering from a chronic disease and so from time to time, I leave my home to go and take care of her. Sometimes I spend many weeks at her place leaving my kids with their step-father because I know he will take good care of them. Only for me to later realise that he was sleeping with my daughters and the sad part is that my daughters never told me about it,” she cried.

She continued: “My eldest daughter started fighting with her father and so I took her to a friend’s house to stay there for some time. I was later called and informed that my daughter’s belly was getting bigger. I forced her to tell me if she was pregnant and that was when she said her father had been sleeping with her in my absence.”

According to Auntie Gladys, her second child also became pregnant after her husband took two of the children to go and live with him somewhere as the kiosk they were living in was leaking.

“After my first girl delivered, my husband opted to go and live with two of my children. They came back only for me to realise that my second child was also pregnant. I asked her who was responsible for the pregnancy and she told me it was her step-father,” she noted.

Asked why her daughters did not inform her about it, she said her husband threatened to kill them if she (Auntie Gladys) or anyone else got to know about it.

Meanwhile, Auntie Gladys’ eldest daughter has been delivered of a baby, while her second daughter is also pregnant.


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