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Tears Flow As Beautiful Woman Dies in Childbirth After Delivering Twins.



Tears Flow As Beautiful Woman Dies in Childbirth After Delivering Twins. 46



Social media users are flooded with teary emotions after a sad story of a mother who died in childbirth was revealed.

Despite being one of the most satisfying moments of life, the process of birth is also extremely painful and complicated and sometimes it ends in tears.

A Nigerian man has broken down after he lost his wife and mother of his twin kids during childbirth.

He narrated his sad story on social media, revealing his wife passed away after undergoing c-section to deliver the twins.

He’s now left with his twins but no wife and undoubtedly heartbroken.

The man has been identified as Matthew Uzochukwu with his beautiful deceased wife known as Chisom.

Read his sad story below…

“Alia Matthew Uzochukwu wrote:

In a few days, ‘ my destiny-in-marriage ‘ will be laid to rest and I can’t help thinking back how all this horror movie started from no where.

Chisom didn’t deserve to die, I don’t deserve this fate. She was so prayerful and full of life until I came to the hospital that fateful evening. Pained out from the complicated CS, and its accompanied bleeding, I saw my woman looking pale and weak but she was still hopeful that she would be alright, somehow, for such was her faith in God.

I remember vividly her words, ” Sugar I did it, I did this for us. Do you like our babies? I hope they are beautiful? ”

Then came the most hellish and haunting moment of my life. I had been called by the mother who said that Som Som wanted to see me. I dashed into the room where she was lying and knew that something was wrong, devastatingly wrong.

Som Som, I am so sorry it has to be this way, life wasn’t fair to us, it wasn’t. How can a lady who never showed anger die ? How can the lady who was just happy to live and see me happier die ? What kind of life does this wickedness ? I have dedicated my life to cherish what is left of us, our children.