“Tell Ghanaians the kind of trade you deal in with fire Bazooka at Togo”-Manasseh dares Pastor Ben Yorke

Manasseh Kwabena Yeboah, a repented fake pastor is alleging and calling on the Head Pastor of Convenience Worship Centre, Pastor Ben Yorke to explain to Ghanaians the kind of trade he does with Fire Bazuka (a god) who lives at Togo.

According to the vociferous Manasseh, Pastor Ben Yorke dealt in the sales of human body parts with one man at Togo that earned him so much money

He continued that they use to supply Fire Bazooka at Togo with human parts for their numerous business operations.

He chastised the Man of God of boasting about his source of power which he claims comes from the Almighty God.

Manasseh also revealed  that Pastor Ben Yorke is neck deep into all forms of worship and quack prophecies directed at the ordinary Ghanaian to dupe them of their monies.

“Ben Yorke, be bold and tell Ghanaians the trade you are involved in with Bazooka at Togo. You just wait, the law will soon catch up with you” , he added

Prophet Manasseh made these allegations on the Hot Seat show hosted by Kwaku Annan on Net 2 tv .

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