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The best romantic relationship tips.



The best romantic relationship tips. 49



So I will pen my answer for the men, (ladies if you would like your version of this answer, please let me know).

  1. Tell her she is beautiful. Often.


  1. Remember her birthday and get her a gift. It does not have to be expensive, but the fact that it came from you will be enough.


  1. Leave her voice messages to wake up to.


  1. If you say you are going to call her, make sure you do. Even if you can only talk for a minute, chances are she will be happy to hear your voice.


  1. Listen to what she has to say. I mean, really listen. Show her that you value her thoughts and opinion.


  1. If you care for her, then tell her. Don’t be afraid to do so.


  1. Be on time. Be a man of your word and be on time. Traffic is not an excuse for being late. Plan in advance.


  1. Do not go and hang out with your ex when she is not with you. You may not realize just how much this hurts her.


  1. Treat her the same around your friends as you do when you are alone.


  1. If she is mad at you, kiss/hug her.


  1. Walk her home or to safety. Be a gentleman and walk her to her car or home because you are concerned for her safety.


  1. If she says she ‘loves you more’. Deny it and fight back.


  1. Never criticize a home-made meal. Never. Smile and chew.


  1. Open the door for her. Whether it is getting into the car or going into a building. This is a gesture of affection.


  1. Compliment her. She spent a lot of time getting ready, be a gentleman and show her that you have noticed.