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The crazy things introverts do.



The crazy things introverts do. 56




  • When they set their mind to achieve something, they become hyper-focused for days, months, or even for years, and, no matter how many self-doubts they have, they never stop until they achieve it.


  • Their explanation skills are unbeatable when they explain something to you, you’ll remember it for centuries because first, they make you comfortable and use real-life metaphors to explain things. You can freely ask them 1000 questions without the fear of being judged.


  • You’ll never win with introverts in a fight because they analyzed you in the way, that even you never analyzed yourself in this way. So, their taunts tore your head and heart.


  • When they stand for something they never step back. If, you’re his close friend they go to any extend to protect you without even thinking about their own self.


  • People always love to take advice or suggestion from them, because they are super descriptive. For example, if you ask then how can I get better grades in exams, they’ll straight away tell you, you need to focus more on Maths as compare to chemistry because you’re very good at remembering formulas but you need to do more Maths practice and specifically Geometry.