Rocky Johnson was known in the United States for being one of the main WWE
fighters in Canada, which established him as one of his historical


The father of actor Dwayne Johnson (47 years old), known
worldwide as ‘The Rock’ (‘The Rock’) has died at the age of 75 in Tampa Bay,
Florida. Rocky Johnson was known in North America for being one of the main
WWE fighters in Canada, a sector that this Thursday mourns the death of one
of its biggest international stars.



Those in charge of confirming the sad news have been those
responsible for World Wrestling Entertainment, they have issued a statement
on their website where they reported the loss: “WWE is shocked to learn that
Rocky ‘El alma’ Johnson (born with the name of Wayde Douglas Bowles), a WWE
Hall of Fame wrestler, World Team builder and father of Dawyne ‘The Rock’
Johnson’, has died at the age of 75.

Dwayne Johnson’s father started out in the National
Wrestling Alliance in the 1960s, but gained widespread notoriety when he
joined WWE in the 1980s. He and Tony Atlas became the league’s first
African-American champions as The Soul Patrol.


Rocky retired in 1991, when his son turned 19 and was already
deep into the wrestling world. While his father was inducted into the WWE
Hall of Fame in 2008, Dwayne was already holding several titles in the ring,
where from the first moment he acquired the pseudonym of his father, ‘The


People magazine has contacted the actor’s representative
without success, but another renowned sports journalist specialized in
wrestling, Dave Meltzer, has sent a tweet giving condolences to Johnson’s
family: “What terrible news, Rocky Johnson Dwayne Johnson’s father has
passed away. Our condolences to Dwayne, Ricky, Ata and their entire



This message has been joined by millions of them who have
wanted to send their condolences to his son and have flooded his latest
publication with consolations and good wishes for the actor.


Dwayne Johnson has no less than 138 million followers on
his social networks where, in addition to promoting his films and
interviewing him in different media, he also shares aspects of his private


It is difficult for him to find publications in which his
father appears -in fact, at the moment he has not even talked about his
recent death-, however, there are hundreds of videos and photographs of his
daughters that can be found in his instagram. The little ones are the weak
point of ‘The Rock’ and they are the only ones capable of putting their
gigantic father sitting in a doll chair to play princesses drinking


The family of ‘The Rock’

On August 18, Dwayne Johnson and his partner Lauren Hashian
(34) secretly married in an intimate ceremony in Hawaii after ten years of
relationship. They did not share the photos of their link until two days