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The first thing that greets you in prisons is marijuana – Ex-convict (Video).



The first thing that greets you in prisons is marijuana – Ex-convict (Video). 46



Alexander Wiredu, an ex-convict at the Sunyani Central Prisons has disclosed the first thing that greets anyone who is convicted and sent to jail is the aroma from marijuana.

According to Wiredu, he could not understand why people are arrested for being in possessing marijuana yet when they go to prisons it’s the same scent that is all over.

Speaking in an interview on Onua TV, the ex-convict said, “When you go to the Sunyani Central Prisons there is someone who has been sentenced to 10-years in jail for being in possession of one roll of weed yet when that person is sentenced to jail, his first welcome address is the weed aroma in the air.”

Alexander Wiredu who is a spiritualist narrated that sometimes the smoke that emanates into the air can compel Chief Commander of the prison to descend from his office and send officers to the inmates to reduce the amount of smoke.

Alexander Wiredu who had evidence of prisoners wrapping weed in a video which he took with his phone while in prison, stated that prison wardens are unable to punish convicts because they connive with them.

He said, “sometimes when we are getting high, and this includes myself, the Chief Commander sends his officers to inform us to lower the amount of smoke in the air. I sometimes tell them that we are smoking in fire so they can’t tell us to stop smoking.”

“I testify the truth I won’t lie; any officer who wants to challenge should come forward. Some of the prison officers are afraid to talk because they beat them or take bribes.”

Alexander Wiredu was convicted in 2017 and released in 2020 after serving three and half years in jail for defrauding by false presentence.