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The French City Where People Walk Naked Through – (Photos).



The French City Where People Walk Naked Through - (Photos). 46



A couple who loves being fully naked decided to visit the largest “nudist city” in the word for their romantic honeymoon.

Cap D’Adge is a somewhat controversial French city by the seaside on the Mediterranean coast where people are permitted to live their lives fully nude.

Considered the most liberal destination in the world, the nudist area goes beyond ordinary beaches.

In this French city, people can walk naked through banks, supermarkets, restaurants, hairdressers, bakeries, and more without a single piece of kit on.

Every summer, the city receives more than 50,000 tourists from all over the world with the majority being French, Belgian, German, Italian, American, Dutch and Canadian.

Enjoy a naked restaurant date
Enjoy a naked restaurant date 

And, while Brazilians are not known to be common at the resort, it’s the dream destination for one frisky couple from the sunny country.

Arthur O Urso and Luana Kazaki chose Cap D’Agde as the number one destination for their honeymoon.

They noted: “Couples should look for new experiences early in their marriage and not let it cool off!”

The duo work as relationship coaches to help other marriages survive lockdown.

Plus, they make a whopping £56,000 on OnlyFans sharing videos and snaps of themselves getting hot and heavy.

They like to keep things fresh
They like to keep things fresh (Image: CO PRESS OFFICE)

They added: “We teach everything through the platform, from different positions to even encouraging couples to go swinging.

“Many did not know or were afraid of the techniques, but our tips made couples get closer at home.”

But, after getting married, they headed off to the nudist city as a way to keep their relationship fresh and steamy!

They commented: “The city was elected the capital of sex and the experience is worth starting a marriage with adventures and new things, in addition to pleasure.

“We did this to get out of the sameness.”

Despite being a liberal city, which allows nudity, public sex is forbidden in Cap D’Adge.

You can be fined up to €15,000 (£12,860) if you are caught doing something inappropriate.

The tourist complex has a special entrance and is closed to the outer public as there is a fee required to stay in Cap D’Adge.

For a couple to stay in the nudist colony for seven days you’ll have to pay a fee of around £51 on top of hotel and food costs.

Arthur and Luana said: “We are going to stay the seven days to enjoy the Honeymoon and capture information for our documentary.”

The pair are composing a special about the most liberal cities around the world.