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The Funny Motivation Behind Why Delay Started The ‘Delay Mackerel’ – [Watch Video].



The Funny Motivation Behind Why Delay Started The 'Delay Mackerel' - [Watch Video]. 1


Prolific Ghanaian comic actor and model, Clemento Suarez has disclosed that Delay jumped into mackerel selling after he broke her heart.

According to him, he once dated Delay but due to one reason or the other, they parted ways.

Speaking on the ‘Delay Show’, he claimed that Delay who is the hostess of the show is in love with him.

He added that Delay used to chase him when he was at Nkawkaw but he never felt in love with her.

Though Delay tried denying it, he furthered that Delay is denying him now because he’s nobody but when he becomes famous in the entire world, she would come out and confess that she used to date Clemento.

He then claimed that Delay started selling mackerel after he gave her a broken heart.

Clemento Suarez was trying to have a good time with Delay hence making false claims.

Watch the episode below…

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