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The man who is sexually attracted to balloons.



The man who is sexually attracted to balloons. 56



When he sees a “beautiful balloon,” a guy says his heart flutters, and he’s talking about his 50-year love affair with the colourful latex.

Julius came on a TV broadcast to talk about his love of balloons and his sexual addiction to them.

In the episode, the man says the “lovely, silky, smooth, delicate” balloons have become “his sexual love.”

He said, “I’ll hug it and kiss it, and it’ll be like being in heaven.”

Julius claims he has a special “connection” with each of the 50,000 balloons in his home.

Julius, like most individuals, has favourites, comparing himself to a “man who prefers blondes or brunettes.”

He also said that he sleeps in a room full of toys every night.

“I know balloons aren’t living,” Julius explained, “but sometimes I wonder if it’s my love for them that makes them come alive.”

Julius claims that his love affair began when he was four years old and was admitted to the hospital.

Julius’ mother presented him with a blue balloon.