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The most developed countries in Africa.



The most developed countries in Africa. 63



As of right now, we have African countries which have been economically developed, thrived and one of them have become the richest in the world. The western media doesn’t even show any African country that has economically developed or become the richest but instead portrays Africa in a negative light.

Here are some African countries which have become economically developed, thrived or become the richest:


The most developed countries in Africa. 64

This country transformed from a low income poor country to a upper middle income rich country. Mauritius has economically thrived since it’s independence from Britain in 1968.

Mauritius is a welfare state actually witty free healthcare and free education.

South Africa

The most developed countries in Africa. 65

Only the industrialized nation in Africa. South Africa is a upper middle income country and thus this is attracted many immigrants from the rest of Africa who are fleeing war, poverty, economic turbulence and political instability.

Despite the rampant corruption and poverty, South Africa continues to remain economically stable and thus is still a emerging/ developing nation.


The most developed countries in Africa. 66

It has thrived and thus it’s still classified as a low income country. Morocco is economically stable and thus it has attracted foreign investments since then.

It’s economy is currently liberal and open to foreign investors as it seeks to boost the economy.


The most developed countries in Africa. 67

Transformed from a poor war torn country to an advancing progressing country. Rwanda has made progress cause of the leadership under Paul Kagame who has been in power since 1994.

Rwanda therefore continues to economically thrive and thus it’s economy was the worst devastated hit by the covid 19 pandemic unlike most African countries.


The most developed countries in Africa. 68

Transformed from a low income country to a upper income country. Botswana therefore has economically thrived cause of little corruption, good governance and economically stable.

Botswana has attracted foreign investments since then and it’s rich in natural resources. The majority of the population tend to enjoy the good living standards and thus continues to develop.

Equatorial Guinea

The most developed countries in Africa. 69

Transformed from rags to riches. Equatorial guinea has experienced prosperity and continues to economically thrive to this day despite the rampant corruption under the leadership of Teodoro Obiang.

Equatorial guinea is one of the richest countries in world because of the oil production currently taking place off shore of the Atlantic ocean.


The most developed countries in Africa. 70

Seychelles has currently thrived because of the socialist reforms brought by Albert Rène who was the second Seychellois head of state

Seychelles is currently a command economy and thus continues to seek foreign investments. The country therefore faces issues with poverty and thus continues to economically thrive.

Its currently a high income nation.