The politics on WhatsApp platforms


I am on over 200 Group WhatsApp platforms and so I have the authority to generalize what goes on, on WhatsApp platforms. I am on political, social and religious platforms. I am an administrator on over 50 of these platforms. I have one of the busiest phones in Ghana and USA. I will limit this write-up to group political platforms.
You see, people do a lot of politics on these platforms and if the reason is to educate and entertain members of their own political party, I will agree with them but if it is to win someone from one political party to the other, then they should forget it. This is because almost all the group political platforms have administrators who are either NDC or NPP.

The administrators know almost all the members they put on the platforms. The members got their names unto the platforms because they are either strong NDC members or strong NPP members. In fact, they are members who don’t change their votes during elections. I am referring to platforms that have both NDC and NPP members on them.

Also most often than not, you will have about 200 people on a platform, but at any point in time, you would have at most 10 people chatting. The rest are either reading silently or they are not even close to their phone. They come close to the phone when some important discussions have past. Their contributions, if any, come in late.

I am saying this to buttress the argument the National Chairman of NDC, Comrade Ofosu Ampofo, made when he said elections are not won on WhatsApp platforms. Elections are actually won on the ground, where you meet confused and undecided voters going through a lot of information and misinformation.

My advice to all NDC members who continue to create more NDC Group platforms to think again. Creating an NDC Platform and adding NDC members on it, will not win us the 2020 elections. The NPP members on such platforms will not change their votes and because of the inactivity of the floating voters, they are not on such platforms. At the end of the day, you have succeeded in creating a busy platform with over 250 members on it but you have not been able to win even one voter to the NDC. That is not what we are want to potray.

Adopt a constituency or a branch; Go out there and knock on doors; Tell the good people of Ghana why they should vote for the lion king, President John Dramani Mahama and the NDC. If for nothing at all,Cite the PDS scandal, the $200 million parliament chamber, the $12 million Oslo scandal, the $1.2 billion Ameri deal and many many more.
2020 is within our reach and together, you and I will make Ghana great again. To quote the Former Chief of Staff, Hon. Julius Debrah, he said, “Let’s get to the grounds, let’s work hard and let’s win” As it stands now, the only hope for the NPP is to rig the 2020 elections.

By Dr Lawrence.

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